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Balanserad audio switch 4 in och 1 ut

Kramer Balanserad audio switch 4 in och 1 ut
Lager: Externlager, 6-7 dagar
Modell: VS-4X
Tillverkare: Länk


2,200.00 SEK /st
Fraktpriset på alla ordrar inom Sverige är 59 SEK om inget annat anges.

The VS-4X is a high-performance switcher for balanced stereo audio signals on XLR connectors. It switches any one of four stereo signals to a single stereo output.
Mechanical (Passive) Switching - No power required.
Size - Compact Desktop - 2 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 2U rack space with the optional RK-4X adapter.
Audio editing, monitoring and production systems.
Security, CCTV, home theater and presentation applications.
Mic switching in field or studio applications.