Gefen VGA Audio Extender over CAT5

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Extension of VGA, and analog audio -- up to 45 meters over just one CAT5!

The Gefen VGA plus Audio extender extends a VGA computer video and analog L/R audio up to 150 feet over just one CAT5 cable. The Gefen VGA plus Audio system comprises two compact units -- a Sender unit and a Receiver unit. The Sender hooks up to the computer and the Receiver connects to the remotely extended VGA display and control devices such as keyboard, mouse, and audio devices.

By choosing widely available CAT5e cable for extension, Gefen has made installation simple and flexible. The CAT5e cable can be tucked under carpet or run above a ceiling.

How It Works
Simply connect the Gefen VGA plus Audio Sender unit to your computer using the cables provided in the box. Then connect the Receiver unit to the display and speakers. CAT5e cables, sold separately, then connect the sender unit to the receiver unit. Both the Sender and the Receiver units must be connected to their power supplies. When powered and operational, the units will efficiently extend video, audio and control device signals.

Note: Audio extension includes bidirectional microphone/speaker support.