HQ Inverter 12-230 Volt ren sinusvåg 1000 Watt

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This pure sine wave inverter series converts 12 V DC battery power to real 230 V AC. It enables the use of 230 V appliances where only 12 V DC is available (like a car or boat). Suitable for 1x Schuko socket.

This pure sine wave output is same as you get from the wall socket at home or even better. The difference between pure sine wave and the more common modified sine wave inverters is that pure sine inverters are more universal due to his pure wave output. Some sensitive appliances cannot work with the common modified sine wave inverters and will give interferences or won`t even work. Pure sine inverters give also better sound and vision with audio and video devices.

Input voltage range:10.7 - 16.5V

Input full load current:160A

Standby input current:<1.2A

Output voltage (AC):230V ±3%

Output socket:1x

Socket type:SCHUKO

Output waveform:Pure sinewave

Output Frequency:50 Hz ±3 Hz

Continuous output power:1000W

Peak output power:2000W


Battery low shutdown:10.0V DC

Low voltage alarm:10.7V DC

Thermal protection:Yes

Cooling:By fan

Overload protection:Yes

High DC input voltage protection:16.5V DC

AC output short circuit protection:Yes

Battery polarity protection:Yes, by fuse

Size (ØxH):395 x 236 x 83 mm

Weight:4000 Gr.

Some examples which we recommend these pure sine inverters:

high end audio & video units, laptops, gaming systems, cordless tool chargers, kitchen equipment, equipment with variable speed motors, measuring equipment, electric shavers, oxygen concentrators, fax machines, garage door openers, other sensitive electric devices.