Muxlab Stereo AV balun med IR Hane

1 000 kr



Med den här Stereo AV Balunen med IR (Hane) kan man skicka både ljud, bild och fjärrkontrolls signaler över en enkel nätverkskabel.

Balunerna används i par men säljs separat. Du kan kombinera denna balunen med sig själv eller med en Stereo AV balun med IR ( Hona ).

Observera att bilden visar modellen med honor vilket inte överensstämmer med denna versionen

The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun (500048, 500049) allows one (1) composite video, one (1) stereo audio and one (1) IR emitter signal to be transmitted via a single Cat5E/6 cable in a point-to-point connection.

The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun features full audio bandwidth response for high fidelity applications and features built-in color-coded cable leads for ease of installation. The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun also works in conjunction with third party IR Remote Control equipment allowing the IR Emitter to connected the IR control module using the same Cat5E/6 cable as video and audio for more cost-efficient cabling.

Some of the applications are: classroom video distribution, commercial and home audio/video systems, hospital video training, video conferencing, and video kiosks.

Video up to 2200 feet ( 670 meter ) via Cat 5e/6
20 Hz to 20 kHz audio bandwidth
Built-in color-coded cable leads
Audio up to 3250 feet ( 990 meter ) via Cat5e / 6
IR 2-wire emitter pass-thru on fourth twisted pair