Muxlab 3G-SDI / RS232 över IP, PoE, Extender Kit

14 000 kr



Muxlab 500756 är ett kitt för att skicka 3G-SDI och RS-232 över ett nätverk.

Detta kittet är designat att arbeta med en PoE ethernet switch. Om man inte har en PoE switch så krävs en separat strömförsörjare (500993) till varje sändare och mottagare.

The MuxLab 500756 – 3G-SDI /RS232 over IP Extender with PoE allows easy extension and distribution of broadcast quality SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video with embedded audio over local area networks (LAN).

This low-latency and versatile extender kit consists of individual transmitter and receiver units which can be configured in a variety of combinations. It is a cost effective alternative to a dedicated SDI matrix switch. The 3G-SDI over IP extender allows users to send any SDI signals over CAT5/6 cable infrastructure instead of using the traditional SDI coax infrastructure, saving cable cost and making installation easy and fast. This extender kit is ideal for many quality critical video/audio applications such as original video source contribution, live video delivery around the broadcast facility or running media exchanges between different studios within the facility.

Note: This device supports PoE (PD), and is intended to be powered via a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch. If a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch is unavailable, then the power supply (500993) may be purchased separately.


Supports up to 1080p resolutions
Motion JPEG compression with very low latency
Supports 100's of Transmitters and Receivers, depending on network bandwidth
LAN Switch based configurations support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint
Extend transmission up to 330ft (100m) over an IP network (when a LAN Switch is used)
Extend transmission up to 400ft (120m) in a point-to-point configuration (when a LAN Switch is not used)
Supports RS232 and one way IR transmission for remote control of end devices
PoE Powered
Compatible with the 500811 ProDigital Network Controller for software management
Compatible with 500752, 500753, and 500754 products