Brennenstuhl 8-vägs grenuttag Premium

380 kr



En rejäl strömbrytare från BRENNENSTUHL.


•For connection of data processing/video/HiFi equipment and other appliances, e.g. PC, printer, modem, etc. for industrial, trade and private use.

•Attractive, timeless, sturdy housing made from aluminum with hardwearing, matt-finished surfaces, providing protection against dangerous electro-magnetic waves.

•10 years product warrantee.

•Extra robustness.

•Illuminated on/off safety switch.

•8 sockets 45° twisted

•Excess cable can be wound around the housing.

•Hole suitable for hanging.

•Wall-mounting holes.

•With childproof sockets.

•Cable 3m HVV-F 3G1,5mm³ black

•Voltage 220-240V~

•Maximum current 16A

•Housing bi-color aluminum / black