Muxlab Ram med 16 slots för att rackmontera baluner

3 900 kr



Här har vi en ram för att rackmontera Muxlabs baluner i ett 19 tums rack. Med denna ramen kan man montera upp till 16 baluner.

Själva ramen är i ett stycke så det finns inga detaljer att tappa bort eller förlägga. Balunerna fästs genom ett snäpp-in system vilket gör att man kan montera balunerna med "RJ45" sidan både inåt eller utåt beroende på hur man vill ha det.


Blindlock för ej använda slots

The Rackmount Balun Chassis 16 is designed as a head-end cable management solution to allow any combination of MuxLab square baluns to be installed in a 19" relay rack. Head-end AV equipment such as DVD players, video servers and sat boxes may be installed in a local wiring closet and connected to the Cat5 structured cabling system via a wide array of MuxLab balun solutions.

The panel is custom-tailored to allow any combination of up to sixteen (16) MuxLab baluns to be installed. The baluns may be installed with the RJ45 either front or rear facing depending on where the Cat5 cabling will enter or exit the system. At the display end, the appropriate MuxLab baluns are installed at the display to support a fully Cat5 cabling solution.

Each balun snaps into place and is held firmly by a spring latching mechanism. The one piece design makes the product easy to install and maintain. There are no parts to lose or replace.

Space efficient - 2U height
Latching mechanism for secure installation
Snap-in design for ease of installation
Includes four ( 4 ) rackmount screws and washers
One-piece design
Supports up to sixteen ( 16 ) baluns
Baluns install forward or rear-facing
Slot number silkscreen on front and rear
Blank Filler Modules 500901 sold separately