Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(


En produkt mest lämpad för installationer i mässor, hallar, stora konferensanläggningar mm. I dessa miljöer har man under mycket lång tid använt sig av VGA (RGBHV) och ofta kablage med 5 BNC kontakter. Nu är det möjligt att använda samma kablage för att överföra HDMI. Mycket smidigt sätt att uppgradera sina installationer till digitala utan att dra nya kablar.

Active Connect Multimedia Transmitter and Receiver Box is an useful device for long distance display of your game/player devices to your HDMI displayer. It allows distance up to 100M at 1080p/8bit and more in total for display and support up to HDMI V1.3 specification further, Active Connect Multimedia Transmitter and Receiver Box"s digital transmit format makes no delay or loss for images. Active Connect Multimedia Transmitter and Receiver Box include no firmware inside and therefore, it is easy to install and simple to operate. Designed to support long distance HDMI application.

Enable high bandwidth communication over loss media.

Also designed to equalize and restore signals receiver over 75Ω coaxial cable.

Simply connected the source to the Transmitter unit and over RGBHV coaxial cable to the Receiver unit, then HDMI output to the display.

Compliant with HDMI 1.3 and DVI 1.1.
Higher data rates enabling new features and applications.
New and improved color gamut (i.e. deep color xvYCC)
HD audio (8 channel audio support)
High Resolutions from PC (640~480) to WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
HDTV resolutions from 480I~1080P/12 bit
Built in Consumer electronics control (CEC).
Support Deep Color.
Gigabit digital transport needs:
HDMI 1.3(Category)/DVI(10.2Gb/s).
The RG6 type 75 Ω coaxial cables can run up to 100m at 10.8Gb/s.
HDMI 5 COAX RX power setting (externally/internally).
Support seamless for VESA DDC, CEC and Hot Plug Detect (HPD).
Support xvYCC.
Easy to install and simple to operate.