CYP/// Multiswitch /konverter till HDMI

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(


En multimaskin som klarar nästan allt.


2 kompositvideo (delar ljud med S-VHS)
2 S-VHS (delar ljud med komposit)
2 komponent
1 VGA med ljud

Allt skickas ut som en HDMI 1.3

HDMI 1.3, HDCP1.1 and DVI1.0 compliant Receiver.
Deep Color video up to 12bit, [email protected](24/60)Hz.
Supports analog/digital video/audio input and HDMI v1.3 output.
HDCP keysets allows each HDMI input to work independently when connecting to a HDMI display.
Supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions from VGA to [email protected] and 480i to 1080p.
Support 3D comb filter.
Support 3D noise reduction (DNR).
Support format converter from 480i/576i to 480p/576p, simply press the front panel or remote control.
Support audio delay for 150ms, this feature will not functional when HDMI input.
Support IR remote control.
Support RS-232 control.