Opticron MM3 Mighty Midget 50mm ED RAK MODELL

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(


Opticrons MM3 är en helt underbar tub. Den är verkligen "pytteliten" men ändå så kraftfull.

The MM3 series is the latest evolution of the Travelscope concept pioneered by Opticron nearly 20 years ago with the original Mighty Midget 20x50.

Constructed from polycarbonate and lightweight alloys, the optical system is compact enough to create a body only 205mm (8”) long. Weighing 600g (21oz) without eyepiece, 690-875g (24.3-31oz) fitted with an HDF or SDL eyepiece, an MM3 50 ED weighs about as much as pair of standard 42mm binoculars and can be used without a support for crystal clear flat field observation at magnification between 12-15x. If like many users your viewing usually requires the stability of tripod or clamp, the models connect via a universal ¼” thread at the base of the tripod sleeve.

Fully rain and dust proof and protected against knocks and bumps with full-body rubber covering, the MM3 50 ED is available in straight-through and 45° angled bodies to suit different applications. Compatiblilty with the full range of HR, HDF and SDL eyepieces also means Opticron fieldscope owners can use their existing eyepieces with a new MM3 50 ED body.

Features and specifications at a glance:

50mm ED objective lens
High contrast fully multi-coated optical system
Accurate 8:1 dual focusing system
Close focus to 2.5 metres - perfect for high magnification detailed observation at close range
Fully armoured body
Tripod adapter with +/- 90 degree rotation
Removable rubber objective lens cover (supplied)
Telephotoadapter option
30 year guarantee

Opticron MM3 specifikationstabell