VeCOAX 1 kanals MPEG2 Full HD Modulator DVB-C Vägg

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Samma produkt som VeCOAX DIN HDV  men denna putter ut kanalen som DVB-C kanal istället. Dvs denna är för ett kabel-tv nät.

The VeCOAX-DIN-HDV is a Single channel MPEG2 HD / SD Video Digital TV Modulator

perfect solution to distribute any HD Video Signal to unlimited standard HD Televisions sharing the existing antenna coax cables

It works directly with the latest HDMI digital video connections, so your video stays totally digital for a true, pure and maximum Full HD quality, no loss.

Wall Mount or Rack Mount via the Rack Accessory, Silent and Cold in operation, the VeCOAX-DIN-HDV can be installed anywhere without disturbing.

Our Triple-Pass Real Time video processors makes the motion, resolution, color depth of HD Video and sound always perfect, same as the original.

This unit, makes its own channel to your TVs, programmable to the channel number you need in few clicks, and easy connects to any existing coax cable through the built-in in/out ports antenna combiner, or any external one.

All your Unlimited TVs will immediately receive this new channel, together with any other, using the same standard TV remote control.

You can always expand your system by simply adding as many unit / channels you need.

The VeCOAX-DIN-HDV is compatible to any world-wide TV standards including QAM, ATSC, ISDB-T, DVB-T, DVB-C

The VeCOAX-DIN-HDV is the perfect choice for any Commercial, industrial and private applications with quality and reliability