VeCOAX 2 kanals HDMI Modulator för DVB-C / IP Vägg

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Det här är en RF-modulator för att göra ljud och bild tillgängligt på TVn i HD. Dvs egna kanaler.

Denna prylen kan sända ut upp till 2 kanaler från 2 olika källor samtidigt och även skicka ut signalen som in IP ström.

VECOAX-DIN-PLUS klarar att leverera 1080p upp till 500m över ett existerande antenn nät av god kvalite utan att förstärkas yttligare.

The ProVideoInstruments VECOAX-DIN-PLUS is a high definition video HD modulator that takes the output from Two or Four HD sources and broadcasts it over standard coax cabling to any connected HDTVs.

The VECOAX-DIN PLUS supports up to 1080 FULL HD format,

up to 500+ meters ( 1600+ feet ) of coax distribution without the need to re-amplify the coax, accepts HDMI hdcp video input and has an integrated RF Mixer for any easy and quick connection.

VECOAX-DIN PLUS gives you the freedom to add or move at any time unlimited HD TVs over your existing coax cables, without the need to place new wires, with up to 1080p Full quality Full resolution.

Our IR Remote Control Kit is also available where needed, to remote control any Sources from any room

VECOAX-DIN PLUS is designed for commercial and residential usage for economical distribution of high definition video and audio content from media players, cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players, Hard Disk media players, Digital Signage and INFO players, CCTV surveillance systems, DVI out from PCs.

Key Facts

FULL HD 1080p / 1080i / 720p / RF HD MODULATOR

HD video signals distribution to unlimited HD TVs via the existing antenna cables

Freedom to ADD or MOVE at any time unlimited HD TVs over existing coax cables

Available with simultaneous IP streaming out for LAN/WIFI distribution

Installs In Minutes - Does not require any new wires nor extra adapters

Perfect FULL HD picture quality anywhere, easy