Cypress T. CCMX-44 Komponent Matrix switch 4:4

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

CCMX-44 is a high-performance video and audio matrix with remote control operation. It offers maximum versatility to connect between multiple component and audio sources and multiple displays. Two configurations are available, both of which are rack mountable: 4 x 2 matrix or 4 x 4 matrix.

CCMX44 Features:

* Inputs/Outputs: Component (YCbCr and YPbPr) and analogue stereo audio (either 4 inputs – 2 outputs or 4 inputs and 4 outputs)
* Resolution: Up to and including 1080p
* Fully buffered video and audio outputs
* RS232 control
* Front panel hard button or IR remote control
* Supports last memory storage