Cavus Väggfäste för Sonos Play:5 MKII Nya Versionen Vit Vertikal

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Conveniently install your Sonos PLAY:5 loudspeaker vertically to the wall by using this wall mount. You are no longer limited to place the loudspeaker on cupboards or tables. This wall mount will allow you to aim the loudspeaker using it's swivel and tilt function and to install it in a corner for a stereo setup. The tilt function also allows placement high on the wall for use in for example a restaurant, store or office. This wall mount is manufactured using high quality 3mm steel and can easily support a PLAY:5 generation 2 loudspeaker. It is mounted firmly to the wall by using four fixing points. The wall mount is finished with

a durable powder coat in white or black which will easily blend into any interior.


Suitable for Sonos PLAY:5 generation 2 (2015)

Full motion wall mount

Robust design to support 14 lbs (6.36 kg) PLAY:5 speaker

The mount will keep the speaker secured in place, but will not affect the acoustics

Slide out design for extra large angle of rotation (75 degrees left, 75 degrees right)

When fully retracted the speakers distance to the wall is only 40mm

De speaker is slightly tilted by default to position it parallel to the wall

The wall mount tilts an additional 30 degrees

High quality 3mm steel with durable powder coating

All necessary mounting hardware is included

Package contents:

With one package you can mount one PLAY:5 speaker to the wall

1x Part 1: Wall Plate

1x Part 2: Motion plate for rotation and tilt

1x Part 3: Speaker mount for PLAY:5

1x Mounting hardware

1x Manual and Limited Warranty 5yr