CYP/// USB 2.0 over Single CAT (50m) Kit

3 300 kr



Med det här kittet kan du skicka USB signaler upp till 50 meter över en dedikerad nätverkskabel.

Mottagande enhet som har 4 USB 2.0 utgångar strömförsörjs med den medföljande adaptern medans sändaren inte behöver  strömförsörjas separat.

The PU-USB2-KIT is a USB over CAT5/6 transmitter and receiver that has been developed to extend USB devices over long distances via CAT5e/6 cable infrastructure. This kit allows any USB host to send data within a 45m range while offering up to 4 USB outputs, giving this product the ability to act like a USB hub.


  • Supports all major operating systems including Windows®, MAC OS®, and Linux
  • Supports USB 2.0 high-speed and USB 1.1 (full-speed, low-speed) devices
  • True plug and play without the need to install drivers
  • Display or control the host device
  • Proven up to 50m CAT5 cable distance without lag
  • Each USB port carries 500mA of power


1x RJ45 [1x USB & Propriety Data]
Transmitter: 1x USB Type B [1x USB Propriety Data]

4x USB Type A [4x USB & Propriety Data]
Transmitter: 1x RJ45 [1x USB & Propriety Data]

Power: 5V/3A, DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Dimensions: 103mm (W) x 95mm (D) x 27mm (H) each
Gross Weight: 1140g (both Units)
Net. Weight: 200g