Digitaltvexperten Komplett stagnings-kit för fackverksmast ALU

4 900 kr



En komplett kit för att staga en aluminium fackverksmast med 3 linor.

Speciellt framtaget för vår mast i Aluminium och passar mellan dessa sektioner.

Avsett att sätta mellan 4:e och 5:e delen om man bygger högre än 4. Kan naturligtvis monteras mellan de andra delarna också.

A set of guy-wires for the first guy-wire level for multi-element structures made of MK-1.5 sections. The guy-wires are intended for installation between 4 and 5 framework structure element.

Kit contents:

  • 3x Flange,
  • 18x Screw M8x40 with nut,
  • 6x Thimble on the cable ø5mm,
  • 3x Steel cable ø5mm, 12m - forged on one side, with a supply,
  • 9x Clamp for cable ø5mm ,
  • 3x Shackle 0,75T,
  • 3x Turnbuckle M10 eye-eye.

    Joining procedure:

    1. The flange is screwed between 2 sections of the MK-1.5 mast (between 4 and 5 truss element).
    2. Through the mounting hole in the flange we put the shackle with the pin towards the mast.
    3. We attach a guy-wire cable to the shackle with a forged end (where the thimble is installed).
    4. The free end of the cable (the one without the thimble) is put through the thimble attached to the turnbuckle.
    5. The free end of the turnbuckle is anchored through the eye to the foundation (fixing element depends on anchoring - on the customer's side).
    6. We choose slack on the cable, put on 3 cable clamps and tighten. It should be remembered that the first clamp "loosely" pull as close as possible to the thimble - so that the cable clings nicely around the entire circumference and only tighten. Failure to select a slack may result in the cable sliding off the thimble and improper connection operation, or in the long run the cable may rub. The clamps are separated from each other by about 30cm, and the remaining cable supply is cut or scuffed - as it can be useful when changing or moving the mast anchorages.
    7. The procedure is completed by selecting the remaining slack with a turnbuckle for light cable tension (approximately 100kg maximum force). Significant excess of cable tension can lead to deformation on the mast hinged foot (steel triangle), or break threads on steel hooks/anchors in the foundation.

    The kit has been designed taking into account the correction for long-term corrosion of the cable - the breaking strength for the new kit is 800kg per cable.