Muxlab 70V Audio konverter

8 200 kr



Muxlab 500755-70V är en omvandlare för att kunna använda ett 70V högtalarsystem med Muxlabs 500755 serie av ljud över IP produkter.

Ett 70V system har bland annat fördelen med ökad räckvidd gentemot ett traditionellt 4 ohm system.

The MuxLab 70V Audio Converter may be paired with the 500755-AMP-RX and 500217 amplifiers to support 70V speaker systems at the amplifier output.

The 70V Audio Converter is a passive device and can be easily mounted anywhere near the amplifier that it is to be connected with. It adapts a standard 4 ohm amplifier output that has been configured in bridge mode (mono) to a 70V speaker system. 70V speaker systems allow multiple speakers to be chained together over much longer distances than traditional 4 ohm speakers can accommodate.


Adapt an amplifier's bridged 4 ohm speaker output to a 70V speaker system
Daisy-chain multiple 70V speakers from one source over a distributed layout
Extend speakers over long distances
Connects with 500755-AMP in Bridge Mode configuration at 100W (mono)
Connects with 500217 amplifier in Bridge Mode configuration at 100W (mono)
Power not required