Muxlab HDMI / RS232 mottagare 70m med PoE

4 000 kr



Här har vi en HDMI mottagare med PoE som jobbar med HDBaseT teknik. Just denna jobbar uteslutande med MuxLabs sändare för att kunna ta emot både HDMI och RS232.

Vi har även en mottagare utan PoE support. Den kan du hitta här.

The HDMI/RS232 Extender Kit allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 230 ft (70 m) at all resolutons up to 1080p via one Cat 5e/6 unshielded twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration.

Furthermore, the product supports RS232 to allow control commands to be transmitted between the HDMI source and receiver.

Supports 3D of HDMI 1.4
Up to 230 ft (70m) at all resolutions up to 1080p via single Cat5e/6
PoE version (optional)
Supports all digital audio modes
Supports RS232
Supports bi-directional IR remote source control
Includes IR Emitter (500998) and IR Sensor (500999)