Muxlab SDI förlängare över UTP med ethernet

31 000 kr



Muxlab 500734 är ett kitt för att förlänga SDI signaler över en UTP nätverkskabel upp till 100 meter. Kittet har stöd för upplösningar upp till och med 4K@30Hz och PoE, d.v.s att strömförsörjning genom nätverkskabel.

The 6G-SDI Extender over UTP is a unique solution from MuxLab for extending SDI cameras or other SDI sources up to 4K resolution at up to 330ft (100m) using standard Cat5e/6 UTP cable.

This multichannel extender supports up to 6Gbps of data throughput over the UTP link and allows for versatile combinations of sources, including one 6G-SDI source, two 3G-SDI sources or four HD-SDI sources, plus transmission of two Ethernet signals which may be used as return channels, and a bi-directional RS232 pass-through. The Ethernet port of the 500733 can be used for AV monitoring and talk-back, while the RS232 pass-through supports return of tally light, camera control unit (CCU) and control of end devices.

The 6G-SDI Extender supports PoE, whereby the Transmitter may be powered by the Receiver. In addition Ethernet port1 also provides PoE power (PSE) in order to power an attached PoE (PD) device, such as a MuxLab Over IP PoE Transmitter or Receiver.


Extend up to 4K @ 30Hz resolution to 330ft (100m) over Cat5e/6
Multichannel support for one 6G-SDI source, two 3G-SDI sources, or four HD-SDI sources
Transmits two Ethernet signals which may be used as a return channel for AV monitoring and talk-back
Supports RS232 pass-through for remote control and as a return channel for tally light and camera control unit (CCU)
Supported modes: SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 372M, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 425M
Supports all 6G channel configurations (1, 2 or 4 BNC)
Automatic SDI Link recognition and configuration
Automatic activation of long reach mode 500ft (150m) when 3G signal detected
Transmitter may be PoE powered from Receiver
Ethernet port1 can power a PoE device
USB interface for field upgradable firmware and diagnostics
Ethercon connectivity and aluminum casting enclosure for ruggedized use